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Why product sales in Wiztech?

Wiztech Industrial Services provides expert for all brand of CONTROL PANEL WIRING erection and commissioning and we also undertaking yearly maintenance for your automation and control system as per our company terms and conditions.


Wiztech Automation started off its operations in the field of training students of engineering, engineering graduates and the employed technicians in Industrial Automation. Wiztech Automation, an IAO & ISO organization, ever since its inception in the year 2006, focused on training activities, and in the last almost a decade perfected their infra-structure and other facilities, apart from engaging well-qualified trainers who are also experienced in the field of industrial automation and the related areas. Thousands of engineering students, graduated engineers and other technicians got trained in Wiztech Automation and thus the institute enjoys a high reputation in the field of training in industrial automation. Thus Wiztech Automation today enjoys a front line position among the best of the training institutions in industrial automation.

Wiztech Automation started its operations of supply, erection, commissioning and to maintain automation equipment in industries and various other service organizations. Having been engaged in training and also servicing initially, the organization had acquired the required capacities to engage into the project activities. Sale of products involved in automation projects are now being done to the industrial clients both for the project related requirements and also for the service based requirements.

Automation became an essential environment in each and every company either to reduce the manpower or to increase the productivity apart from providing an efficient output in less time duration and manpower. The growth in industrial automation industry has thus been phenomenal and Wiztech Automation therefore targeted to get in to the sale of products - PLC, SCADA design and other automation components - providing the required service in the field. Wiztech Automation has thus positioned itself as one of the front line organizations in industrial automation providing turn-key based solutions.

The components/products that are used for automating a process are as follows:

  • PLC
  • VFD-Variable Frequency Drives
  • HMI-Human Machine Interface
  • PAC-Programmable Automatic Controller
  • DCS-Distributed Control System
  • Field and Power Instruments(F&PI)
  • Communication Cables
  • Prolific to USB convertors

Wiztech, with their comprehensive offer of sales and service based activities in regard to industrial automation, earned a long list of reputed industrial organizations as their customers, who reposed trust and confidence in the sales & services of Wiztech Automation in the industrial automation (PLC SCADA DCS HMI VFD VLSI and embedded systems)

Each product sold by Wiztech Automation is provided with the required documentation with “how to use” instructions and “how to troubleshoot” and also its operational details provided in a complete manual with the concerned demos.

Wiztech is the name you can trust to buy an Industrial Automation Products.

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