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DCS Automation

About DCS :

DCS (Distributed Control System) is yet another computerized control system prevalently used in various industries. DCS which is a broad term used in a variety of industries to monitor and control distributed equipment have different variants matching with the requirements of the networks for communication and monitoring.

More about DCS

There cannot be a manufacturing system which does not have proper and decisive controls incorporated in the system without which the system loses its dynamic identity. Dynamism to any manufacturing system brings in quality of production, increased volumes, human safety, conservation of energy and robustness to the whole system. DCS is therefore an important part of the system which contributes dynamism to the whole process. The distinct identity of any DCS is that it would have the controller elements distributed throughout the system and not centrally located. The entire system of controllers is connected by networks for communication and monitoring. DCS Training covers all the knowledge and practical aspects in the field.

Custom designed processors are used as controllers in a typical DCS and for both proprietary inter-connections and for communication, communication protocols are used.

Many brands of DCS –

There are a number of brands of DCS available - OKOGAWA, ABB HONEYWELL etc., While Honeywell is considered as the most advanced of the DCS versions, the other brands too provide specific & exclusive areas of service.

DCS (Distributed control systems) are selected for dedicated system requirements which control manufacturing processes - both continuous & batch-based. Popular utility areas of DCS are - Electrical power grids and electrical generation plants; Environmental control systems; Traffic signals; Radio signals; Water management systems; Oil refining plants; Metallurgical process plants; Chemical & other processing plants; Sensor networks; Dry cargo and bulk oil carrier ships . Students opting to take up jobs need thorough DCS Training.

What does Wiztech do in DCS Training?

Wiztech provides DCS Training with 100% practical aspects covered in it. DCS Training provided by WIZTECH to the students covers Honeywell DCS, since Honeywell is the most advanced DCS module in automation field in prevalent usage in industries. Students are provided thorough knowledge about DCS control processing, software handling technique, programming and control panel wiring during the DCS Training.


Distributed control systems (DCS) are dedicated systems used to control manufacturing processes that are continuous or batch-oriented, such as –

  • Electrical power grids and electrical generation plants
  • Environmental control systems
  • Traffic signals
  • Radio signals
  • Water management systems
  • Oil refining plants
  • Metallurgical process plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Sensor networks
  • Dry cargo and bulk oil carrier ships etc.

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